Floral Fever

July 1, 2018

Houston, Texas

Floral Fever: A vibrant garden party juxtaposing the intricacies of dark backdrops and accents against brilliant pastel florals to accentuate elegance!

Todd Events had the opportunity of teaming up with Weddings in Houston Magazine to tackle upcoming trends and define what romance and luxury looks like to us. With Spring quickly approaching, our team dove into a garden party design that highlights the importance of juxtaposing looks within one cohesive style. Juxtaposing designs can be defined as placing two styles together with contrasting effect. The idea is to turn two separate identities into one. With Spring on our minds, we took juxtaposing color stories (light vs. dark) and created a look of luxurious flair. A dark linen with vibrant embroidery pairs perfectly with a crystal cake plateau detailed in coral peonies. The contrast provides depth and a greater focal point for your table top story.

Our team also dove into the use of pattern and texture to draw further depth within each style and image. Not only is pattern-play fun, but it will always help to distinguish your event from another. Don't be afraid to take risk - floral texture is so in!


"Add drama to your romantic spring fling with dark accents and bold arrangements!" Todd